Fire Your Financial Advisor: Resident Upgrade

Upgrade for FYFA Student course to the FYFA Resident course

Upgrade Course for $200

This course includes the Student and Resident portions of the FYFA series.

This course upgrade is for current students of the FYFA Student course. You will receive access to 5 additional hours of Resident-level presentations. Course access may take up to 48 hours to be activated.

Your Course Instructor
Dr. Jim Dahle

James M. Dahle, MD, is a practicing emergency physician and Air Force veteran from Salt Lake City, Utah. He became interested in personal finance and investing after becoming disillusioned with the way he was treated by several unscrupulous financial professionals. In an effort to help his fellow physicians and other high-income professionals avoid the same errors, he started The White Coat Investor website in 2011. It rapidly grew into the most widely-read, physician-specific personal finance and investing website in the world. He has written four Amazon best-selling books, publishes two weekly podcasts, developed multiple online courses, and holds an annual conference all aimed at helping his fellow physicians become more financially literate. He is convinced that increasing the financial security of doctors enables them to be better partners, parents, and care givers along with reducing burnout, decreasing suicide risk, and improving patient care.

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Andrew Paulson

Andrew Paulson is a Certified Student Loan Professional with a Masters degree in Accounting, who serves as the Co-Founder and Lead Consultant at Drawing from personal experience, his journey was ignited by the challenge of navigating his wife's nursing school debt.

Under his guidance, Student Loan Advice has provided expert consultation on $600M in student loan debt for doctors and dentists nationwide, with a track record of saving clients an average of $167,000 on their student loans. Through personalized strategies, Andrew and his team have met with over 2,000 borrowers, helping them navigate the complexities of student loans.